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Stump Marketing

Fuel the growth of your business with High Converting Funnels, Google Ads, and Tailored Follow-Up Strategies

Your Marketing Plan Makes it or Breaks it

Your marketing strategy is vital to the growth of your business. Since consumer purchasing habits are ever changing, it's essential that you structure your marketing plan strategically to entice customers and make the sale. 

Our Framework

1.  Landing Page Design

Create a high quality destination for customers to land on.

2. Google Ads

Establish a strong traffic source and increase conversions on your page.

 3. Meta Ads

Diversify your reach and tap into new prospects. 

4. Appointment Setting

Ensure customers are showing up to what they signed up for. 

Landing Page Design/Optimization

The first step to generating leads is a high quality destination. We design a landing page that is easy to navigate and is optimized for getting you more more conversions. We ensure traffic is being measured properly in Google Analytics to provide us with more insight on optimizations necessary to improve performance. 

Meta Ads

Meta Ads is about getting people familiar with your product and showing  them what they're missing, right in front of their eyes. Our Meta Ads have the focus of broadening your audience to dip into a new environment of potential customers and increase brand awareness. 

Google Ads

After the landing page has been created, it's crucial that we establish a clear traffic source to that page. Google Ads is a great way to attract customers who are already sold on what you’re offering. We're just connecting those searchers with a high quality ad and landing page to ensure they convert. 


What do leads matter if you don’t have the time to follow up with them? We've created an automated call, SMS, and email follow up system to ensure people who sign up don’t no-show. With our follow up strategy, we'll take the burden of following up with new leads so you can focus on more important aspects of your business. 

Case Studies & Results

Home Improvement E-commerce Store

Tech Based E-commerce Store

Martial Arts School (136 Form Submissions in 62 Days)

Unprecedented Growth. Impeccable Reliability.

We Focus On What's Important.

Superior results and transparency with clients.


We emphasize the importance of proper data tracking to ensure the most precise return on ad spend. We will always keep you up to date with latest performance of your ad account.

We also understand that you're in it for the ROI. Nothing else. Rest assured that we make that our primary goal when creating funnels, ads, and follow up processes.

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