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Client Success

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Tech Based E-commerce Store

"I was impressed with Daniel's promptness and ability to clearly outline areas of improvement in my advertising strategy. I worked with Stump to improve my Google product performance: I had issues with Google Analytics navigation/reporting and Google Ads was eating my budget. Daniel fixed my issues with conversion tracking, oriented the Ads around my KPI's, and used that data to improve the performance of my Google Ad Campaigns." - Shawn

Google Ads Results

Home Improvement E-commerce Store

"I was happy to work with Stump because of their attention to detail as well as their genuine care for the performance of Latnex. Daniel treated my business as if it was his own and implemented Google Ads completely from scratch. Daniel discussed his framework with me and he worked diligently to deliver on what we discussed.  I am happy with the results." - Felix 

Google Ads Results

Martial Arts School

"Daniel has been very easy to work with and accommodating during the entire process of our work together. Looking forward to continue working with his company. "  - Jenypher


+45% Website Traffic 

Higher Google Search Ranking

SEO + Paid Ads Results

136 Form Submissions in 62 Days

You see the results. Now let's talk about you. 

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